CalWORKs Child Care Subsidy Payment Program


CalWORKs Child Care Subsidy Payment Program

Working with Yolo County Health & Human Services Agency, parents, and child care providers, we facilitate payment to providers for their services.

Since June 2016, Yolo County Children’s Alliance has been administering the Yolo Health & Human Services Agency’s CalWORKs Stage 1 Child Care Subsidy Program. This program supports parents pay for child care so they can work or attend school. Working closely with the HHSA CalWORKs division, YCCA facilitates payment to the child care providers for their services.

If you are interested in learning more about CalWORKs or the Child Care Subsidy Program, please call the HHSA CalWORKs division at: 530-661-2750 in Woodland or 916-375-6200 in West Sacramento. Find them online HERE and HERE.

If you are looking for a child care provider please call Children’s Home Society Resource and Referrals  at 530-645-6265 or find them online HERE .

If you are interested in a helpful guide about choosing child care for your children, please click HERE.

General basic information to receive Child Care Payment Assistance:

1. Parent in need of child care must be an active cash-aid recipient themselves (not just the child)

2. Cash-aid recipient must request her/his Welfare to Work Case Worker Child Care Payment Assistance

3. The WTW case worker will either approve/deny any Stage 1 Child Care Services to cash-aid recipient

4. If approved, the authorization will be sent directly to us from WTW case workers

5. Once we receive it, we’ll call the parents and confirm that we’ve received authorization to pay for their child care services

6. The program will become effective and start paying out once the parent and provider completed the enrollment process.


Non-Active Cash Aid Recipients:

Please have them call the Children’s Home Society’s at (530) 645-6265 or visit their web page at


Assistance Finding Child Care Providers:

Please refer them to Children’s Home Society Resource & Referral Line at (530) 645-6265 (leave a message with name and phone number to be contacted) or have them visit their webpage at