12th Annual Community Give Away Day
food, coats, and toys for children and families in West Sacramento

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12th Annual Community Give Away Day

At a time when many people are focused on giving thanks for the bounty in their lives, others are working hard just to make ends meet. That’s why, on Saturday, November 18th, we will hold the 12th Annual West Sacramento Community Giveaway Day. Last year, we gave out 509 bags of Thanksgiving groceries, along with clothing, blankets, coats, toys, and other essential items like toothbrushes, socks, books, and more.

We rely on support from our partners and community members to make this vital service possible. But, we need your help! Can you contribute the amount you might spend on Thanksgiving groceries so that another family can have Thanksgiving dinner too?

Contribute via credit card HERE

Contribute via check: YCCA, 600 A Street, Suite Y, Davis, CA 95616

Your contribution will make a big difference in the lives of Yolo County children and families.


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For many, the fall and winter holiday season is the best time of the year – however, for some West Sacramento families, it is a stressful time. This time of year, when days are shorter and nights are colder, adds stressors that often put families in challenging situations; forced to stretch their budgets to the very max, many families make costly sacrifices, like going without full family meals, warm blankets, or coats for school.