Visit YCCA’s Family Fun Barn at the Yolo County Fair


Join us August 14th through 18st in Woodland, CA for the Yolo County Fair! The Yolo County Fair is the largest and oldest free gate fair in California. Each year, Yolo County Children’s Alliance hosts a YCCA FAMILY FUN BARN inside the Fair. The Family Fun Barn is a free, family-friendly venue that provides:

  • Free arts and craft activities
  • Learning activities for parents and children to do together
  • Special events and guest presentations
  • Free family information and resource materials

The Barn also offers nursing mothers a clean, quiet, cool place to breastfeed. Called the ‘Rock’ n Relax Room,’ the space is an airy, private area with a rocking chair, diaper changing table, cold water and a fan.

The YCCA FAMILY FUN BARN addresses two important needs for families at the fair. The barn: 1) provides a safe, clean, cool, and private area for breastfeeding and changing diapers; and 2) offers a shaded, family-friendly space where parents and children can engage together in interactive activities at no expense. We take a family strengthening approach in how we offer these services thereby empowering families toward resiliency and well-being.

Planning to attend the fair? Get information HERE.

Want to see photos of last year’s Family Fun Barn fun? Scroll through the photo album HERE.

Interested in volunteering? Call us at: (530) 757-5558

This event is presented by Dignity Health. See you at the fair!