Concrete support in times of need


“A young mother and her 1 year son were referred to us by a friend. The mother had lost her job and was depressed. She had been admitted to a mental hospital, while her mother took care of her son. During her appointment we found out that she had few resources and that her unemployment funds were ending soon. The little boy was not covered by any insurance and was overdue for shots. The mother seemed malnourished and so did her son. We assisted with an application for Medi-Cal and for Calfresh and we also got her attending the weekly fresh fruit and vegetables distribution. The Calfresh application received expedited service since the family stated they would have run out of food in the next three days. They are now receiving close to $300 in Calfresh benefits each month. The Medi-Cal application was approved shortly thereafter and the child is now covered and receiving his immunizations. While we were with her, the mother expressed interest in the Developmental Screening and made an appointment for her son.”