In-Home Safety Specialist

  • Full-time 40 hours per week including Weekend and on- call availability
  • Pay: $18.00/hour – $20/hour
  • Location: West Sacramento
  • Competitive Benefits Package including medical/dental/vision coverage


The primary responsibility of the In-Home Safety Specialist is to connect Yolo County families with essential services and resources in order to promote family stability, to attend to and prevent crisis situations and entry or re-entry into the Child Welfare System. The In-Home Safety Specialist shall serve as the family’s primary contact with the In-Home Safety Monitoring Program. The In-Home Safety Specialist is responsible for developing a relationship with the family and working in their home and community to build upon strengths and to enhance self-sufficiency. All duties will be performed within a strength-based, culturally responsive and trauma informed manner.


The Yolo County Children’s Alliance was established in 2002 by a resolution of the Yolo County Board of Supervisors as a way of addressing a number of community concerns that impact children and their families such as health insurance, access to health care services, and child abuse and neglect. We are a 501(c)(3) organization and also an inter-agency collaborative, coordinating needed family support services, convening child and family advocates to mobilize community assets and solve community problems

ESSENTIAL DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES:                                             

Home Visitation & Documentation (70%)

  • Conduct regularly scheduled home visits to assigned families, to provide the Nurturing Parenting Program or other supportive activities to parents and children in their homes.
  • Conduct screens and assessments on all assigned families.
  • Work with families to empower them to engage in problem solving.
  • Model effective parenting behavior, provide support, education/ information, and provide parents with age appropriate parenting and positive discipline techniques.
  • Promote parent participation in home activities designed to promote the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of their children.
  • Model nurturing attitudes and behaviors in all contacts with program participants and program staff.
  • Utilize community resources, in-home teaching, and supportive problem solving to help families meet the goals of their nurturing plans.
  • Advocate for and act as a liaison for families with existing community services and agencies, which may include routine translation and interpretation.
  • Complete documentation as required by In-Home Visitation Safety Monitoring program and Yolo County Child Welfare Services

Supervision and Training (20%)

  • Attend a minimum of 1 hour a week supervision.
  • Attend required trainings provided by The Child Abuse Prevention Center in Sacramento
  • Attend required trainings provided by or at the request of Yolo County Child Welfare Services
  • Members will be trained and expected to adhere to Corporation for National & Community Service (CNCS) prohibited activities.

Other Duties Related to Service Activity (10%), including but not limited to:

  • Maintain a safe, clean, resourceful, and enriching environment for families and staff.
  • Participate in AmeriCorps National Service Days.
  • Assist with and participate in outreach, community engagements, referrals, and volunteer generation.
  • Perform other duties as assigned that are associated with the In-Home Visitation Safety Monitoring Program AmeriCorps Performance Measures.


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities and Experience:

  • Read, write, speak and understand the English language.
  • Communicate professionally & effectively.
  • Use computer and basic computer software.
  • Serve families with diverse economic, social, racial, and cultural backgrounds.
  • Establish and maintain personal and programmatic boundaries while providing supportive services.
  • Demonstrate strong interpersonal skills and the ability to relate to individuals who may not share basic commonality, including value systems and behavior norms.
  • Maintain a professional, confidential work environment.
  • Be a self-starter and independent worker.
  • Deal with stressful situations.
  • Be reliable and punctual.
  • Lift & carry a minimum of 15 lbs.
  • Frequently bend, twist, squat, kneel, reach, push, and pull.


  • Bilingual
  • Possess a Bachelors degree in child psychology, sociology, social work or other human services degree.
  • Experience in social services in community settings with families
  • knowledge about local community resources.
  • Strong writing skill.
  • Strong organizational skill.
  • Knowledge of child abuse issues, substance abuse, family dynamics, and domestic violence.
  • Knowledge of child development and behavior.


  • Must possess a high school diploma or GED.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen or lawful permanent resident.
  • Clearance of fingerprint background check.
  • Must possess a valid California Driver’s license, reliable transportation and auto insurance.
  • Able to travel between sites and to offsite events.
  • Able to work evenings and weekends as required.


Please submit an email with resume, a completed YCCA job application, a list of current references and a cover letter, as separate attachments to: Write “In-Home Safety Specialist” in the subject line of your email. Your resume, application, references and cover letter must all be received, as attachments, in order to be considered. YCCA job application can be downloaded here: