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I-Solved System Overview

I-Solved is designed to improve overall staff services from better team communications to a broader range of self-service amenities for you to enjoy. Our goal with I-Solved is to ensure you have the tools necessary to succeed in your career!

Below are a few highlights of what the system offers.

  • Recruitment/Onboarding: This feature will streamline the recruiting process for managers allowing them to collaborate with other team leads in interviewing candidates, tracking the various stages of hiring and expediting the onboarding process to ensure teams are staffed quickly with the best candidates.
  • Payroll: This feature will allow you to punch in & out of work each day from your phone or computer. You can view past payment history, access tax documents as well as make changes to your direct deposit information with ease.
  • Expenses: No more filling out tedious expense reports. This feature allows you to  take a picture of the receipt for an item you purchased for work and upload it into I-Solved or enter your mileage for quick processing. You can even track where in the approval process your expense reimbursement request is directly from your dashboard.
  • Talent Management (Coming soon): This feature allows you to collaborate with peers on shared projects/goals, directly communicate with your Supervisor on work performance issues and access free video tutorials to help you grow professionally.

More modules will be released over time, and we will keep you posted as changes are made.

I-Solved Training Materials

We have created several training resources to help get you started on your I-Solved journey.

Getting Started With I-Solved (All Staff Members)

Using I-Solved Modules (All Staff)

The below resources are for all YCCA staff.

Using I-Solved Modules (Managers/Supervisors Only)

The below resources are for YCCA Managers and Supervisors only.

More training resources will become available as we launch additional features in the system. You can also log in to I-Solved’s University portal that offers a range of video and written tutorials on how to get the most out of the system. This feature can be accessed from your I-Solved dashboard under People Cloud > Learn & Grow.

Group Trainings

We have scheduled several Zoom Calls to provide follow-up training on how to navigate and use I-Solved. The Zoom dial-in information is as follows for all trainings.

No current trainings scheduled.

Still have questions?

If you still have questions on the new system, don’t hesitate to reach out to our project consultant, Deborah Hunt, at deborah.lynne.hunt@gmail.com and she will be more than happy to assist you.