Bank of America gives $5K to Yolo County Children’s Alliance to help Yolo County residents access essential resources

Press Release

(Yolo County) – Families in Yolo County continue to struggle to provide basic necessities for their families. According to the 2013 Annual Social and Economic Supplement by the US Census Bureau, over 46 million people and more than 20% of children under 18 live in poverty. Many are hard-working Americans who have experienced loss of income and face the challenge of choosing between providing foods for their families or paying their utility bills.  According to Feeding America, 23.7% of Yolo County children live in food insecure households.

Helping individuals meet immediate needs and access benefits in the long term is essential to our community’s growth and success. That’s why Yolo County Children’s Alliance is proud to partner with Bank of America to provide opportunities for success to individuals and families living all over Yolo County.

Yolo County Children’s Alliance, in partnership with Bank of America, increases access to public and private benefit programs, streamline the benefits application process, and coordinate local community support services in West Sacramento, Clarksburg, Woodland, and Davis.  The West Sacramento and Clarksburg sites are multi–service Family Resource Centers that bring many agency’s services and community resources together in one location. Services include: health insurance enrollment; Supplemental Nutrition Access Program enrollment; referrals to WIC; free income tax preparation assistance; financial literacy education; early childhood education support; parenting support; behavioral health screening and referral; exercise classes; and weekly fresh fruits and vegetable distribution via our Food Pantry.

Beyond enrollment assistance and resource referrals, Family Resource Centers are designed to create a comfortable environment in which families feel respected. Families come to see the Family Resource Center and its staff as their trusted partners when difficulties arise or when they just have questions in general.  They come for assistance with accessing resources, with dealing with immigration issues, for finding housing or child care, for assistance making an appointment with a health care provider now that they have insurance.  Often they come to celebrate their success and take next steps, like finding a job after getting clean from substance abuse, or accessing food resources in order to maintain independence after fleeing a violent environment. Family Resource Centers celebrate the strengths of families and support them in continued development of those strengths.

Grant funding from Bank of America helps individuals and families access much needed services and programs that address immediate issues like food security and health care while helping them prepare for a more financially stable future.

As we look to provide our community with important family support services, Bank of America’s investment in our organization will enable us to continue performing our vital work and strengthen Yolo County. To learn more about Bank of America’s Community Giving program, click HERE.