Weathering the Storms: A Guide to Healthy Expressions of Emotions


Weathering the Storms
A Guide to Healthy Expressions of Emotions for Parents and Children

We’ve all been there! Our toddler has a meltdown, our child gets really upset and has a hard time calming down, or our teenager’s emotions are unpredictable. These emotional storms may cause us to feel angry, frustrated, helpless, or embarrassed. We may even say or do things we regret.  Emotions can be overwhelming, like a storm, but learning to express emotions in a healthier way can make these difficult times less stressful.

This guide can help you and your child weather emotional storms. By modeling and teaching your child the ideas and skills in this guide, you can help your child manage emotions better. Practicing these skills yourself can improve communication with your child, partner, relatives, coworkers, and friends. Learning to express your emotions in a healthier way can help you be calmer and more in control of your actions.

Use this guide to learn how to weather emotional storms and have more sunny days!

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