Yolo Family Strengthening Network/Child Abuse Prevention Committee


Yolo Family Strengthening Network/Child Abuse Prevention Committee

Working together to make a difference in Yolo County! The Yolo Family Strengthening Network/Child Abuse Prevention (YFSN/CAP) Committee integrates family strengthening and child abuse prevention efforts. The committee of over 20 Yolo County agencies and organizations focuses on making Yolo County families stronger by engaging family-serving organizations in using evidence-based and evidence-informed practices, thereby improving outcomes for children and parents and reducing child abuse and neglect. YFSN/CAP works to prevent child abuse in Yolo County by providing education, organizing community events, fostering partnerships between agencies and nongovernmental organizations, and by considering creative solutions to recommend to the community and the Board of Directors.

The YFSN/CAP Committee is chaired by a YCCA Executive Board member and is staffed by a YCCA staff member. The committee meets every other month. YCCA is the coordinator of the network because of our role as Yolo County’s Child Abuse Prevention Council.

Strengthening Families™ Framework

The work of the YFSN/CAP is guided by the Strengthening Families™ Framework, which is a research-informed approach to increasing family strengths, enhancing child development, and reducing the likelihood of child abuse and neglect. Created by the Center for the Study of Social Policy in 2003, it focuses on building 5 Protective Factors in families:

  1. Parental Resilience
  2. Social Connections
  3. Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development
  4. Concrete Support in Times of Need
  5. Social and Emotional Competence of Children

YFSN/CAP Activities

At our Strategic Planning meeting in September 2016, the YFSN/CAP Committee decided to focus on the following two activities:

  • Supporting YFSN/CAP organizations interested in providing World Cafés for parents to build protective factors and empower parents.
  • Improving information on resources for providers and parents in Yolo County.

Resources on Strengthening Families™ and the 5 Protective Factors from the Center for the Study of Social Policy

For more information on the Strengthening Families™ Framework visit their website.

Research briefs and Action Sheets on the 5 Protective Factorshttp://www.cssp.org/reform/strengtheningfamilies/about/body/ProtectiveFactorsActionSheets.pdf

Core meanings of the Strengthening Families Protective Factors: http://www.cssp.org/reform/strengtheningfamilies/2015/Core-Meanings-of-the-SF-Protective-Factors-2015.pdf

Tools to Support Family Strengthening Implementation: https://www.cssp.org/reform/strengtheningfamilies/2014/Tools-to-support-SF-Implementation.pdf

YFSN/CAP Participating Organizations

Bikers Against Child Abuse
Children’s Home Society of California
CommuniCare Health Care
Elica Health Centers
Empower Yolo; Yolo Center for Families
Family Hui
First 5 Yolo
Foster & Kinship Care Education
Help Me Grow
RISE, Inc.
Woodland Joint Unified School District
Yolo Conflict Resolution Center
Yolo County CASA/Resilient Yolo
Yolo County Children’s Alliance
Yolo County District Attorney’s Office (Multi-Disciplinary Interview Center)
Yolo County HHSA; 211
Yolo County HHSA; Child, Youth, & Family Branch
Yolo County HHSA; Community Health Branch
Yolo County Housing
Yolo County Library
Yolo County Office of Education
Yolo Crisis Nursery
Yolo Food Bank