Who We Are

Yolo County Children’s Alliance

Opening in 2002, Yolo County Children’s Alliance (YCCA) is a nonprofit organization that ensures everyone in Yolo County has access to the resources they need to build meaningful ties to their communities. To accomplish this, YCCA has expanded on our foundational role as the designated Child Abuse Prevention Council of Yolo County. Today, we serve as an inter-agency coordinator, building networks of support throughout Yolo County to deliver programs funded by numerous community and government grants, as well as individual donations. Our work focuses on three family-strengthening pillars: Family Support, Parent Education, and Community Collaboration.

Transparency and Accountability

At YCCA, we believe in being accountable. It means we’re responsible and careful with the resources we have, and we keep track of how we’re making a difference. Check out our financials and yearly reports to see how we’re staying true to our values and making a real impact.